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Singapore for Romance

  1. Michael Filippone
  2. Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Singapore for Romance

Suntec City (Credit: Photo courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board)


There are many wonderful places in Singapore for lovers. In Singapore, the right setting can be found for every date. Here are some suggestions for your next date.

The Jewel Box at Mount Faber  has long been a favorite of lovers. Imagine riding up the mountain while enjoying the stunning views of the city of Singapore and Sentosa Island. Soon they will be opening a new cable car decorated with Swarovski crystals. From the roof of the car to the floor, everything will be decorated with these beautiful crystals. As you ride the cable car up the mountain, enjoy fabulous food prepared just for you.

Suntec City’s Fountain of Wealth is the world’s largest fountain made of bronze. The light and music show in the evening from this fountain is very impressive. Did you know that you could request free a special song and special words to be projected during the show?

A hike makes a great romantic date for many people. One of the best is a hike in the MacRitchie Reservoir. One of the best places to head on your hike is the suspension bridge that connects Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalang, the two highest points within the reservoir. Imagine walking along while holding the hand of a loved one and gazing on the animal life that lives in the canopies.

You might not think of a pastry shop as a great place for a date, but you really need to consider Tong Heng Confectionary. This confectionary shop started many years ago when a loving wife sold herself into slavery to raise money to care for her husband’s parents. In return, the husband made pastries to buy his wife out of slavery. Even after buying his wife out of slavery, the man continued to make pastries. The result is Tong Heng Confectionary.

Yueh Hai Ching Temple is a great place for a romantic date. The original temple was built between 1850 and 1855. The temple was rebuilt in 1895. In 2011, $5 million was allocated to remodel this temple. Lovers are encouraged to tie their fingers together with red string at this temple to symbolize their commitment to each other. Lovers can also write notes on red paper and burn them in the ceremonial fire.

Pamper yourself with dinner and a night in one of the luxurious suites at The Scarlet . Start with a few drinks at the rooftop bar known as the Breeze before going to the Korner for dinner featuring unique combinations of Western and Asian foods. Finally, enjoy a night in one of the hotel’s luxury suites. An evening at the Scarlet is a perfect combination for putting romance into a relationship.

Singapore for Romance.

Michael Filippone

About the Author: Michael Filippone

Michael Filippone has traveled throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia. Each year he travels several hundred thousand miles. He regularly visits Singapore for business and has a great love of the Orient.

His favorite things are morning runs in big cities and getting lost. He has a great passion for all things that are water-sport related: paddle surfing, surfing, free diving, fishing, rowing… Here you will find his musings on everything from where to go get lost on a jungle adventure to a road-trip in Thailand to a romantic cruise weaving through the Indonesian archipelago. Here too are hand-selected articles penned for him by writers he likes on the best places to go from Singapore. As well as being one of the key drivers behind setting up, he runs and part-owns – a travel site on all things happening in the wider region. Michael is known to be fond of skipping rope and other than the odd beer, his preferred beverage is coconut water. He loves to fish and play volleyball with his children. He trained as an Olympic rower and loves to see his children find their way in sports and life.

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