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Singapore Museums

  1. Michael Filippone
  2. Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Singapore  Museums

Image Courtesy of the Singapore Tourism Board

Singapore Museums

There are several excellent museums in Singapore. Many of them have a history that goes back further than Singapore’s independence.
The Asian Civilisations Museum is a great Neo- Palladian building that those who love architecture will find fascinating with its wooden-louvered windows and pitched red clay tile roof. The building on the north bank near the mouth of the Singapore River is equally fascinating inside with its high ceilings, elegant Doric columns, its unique plaster mouldings and gorgeous cornices. The museum is best viewed with a tour guide and tours are given in English, Mandarin, Japanese, French and Korean. During the tour, guests have the opportunity to look at over 500 years of cultures in Asia.

The Buddha Tooth RelicTemple and Museum

holds a stupa composed of 705 pounds of gold. The impressive red temple designed by Venerable Shi Fa Zhao also contains the Buddhist Culture Museum counting Buddha images from around Asia, including China, India, Laos and Myanmar. Visitors should be sure to go to the rooftop, where a prayer wheel is located containing 10,000 Buddha images. The temple has been painstakingly created to look like temples during the Tang Dynasty of China.

The Changi Chapel and Museum

is a tribute to those 3,000 civilians who were held in confinement during World War II. During the confinement, Allied POWs built a chapel out of recycled materials. A used artillery shell for instance was used to construct a cross. Prisoners decorated the walls with murals. After the war ended, the chapel was reconstructed twice. The first reconstructed chapel was moved to make room for Singapore’s growth. Visitors can see murals painted by the same painter who painted the original murals painted during his confinement. Visitors can also view a large collection of artifacts from the POWs and see other paintings representing what life was like during the war.

The National Museum of Singapore

is a unique building that combines a neo-classical building constructed by Colonel Sir H.E. McCallum with a modern glass building. Visitors will want to pay special attention to the 3,000 fish scaled tiles used in constructing the building. They will also want to notice the three amazing stain glass panels made during the early 1800s. The best exhibit at the museum is the history of Singapore that includes stories projected on the building’s cylindrical walls. Visitors will also see the famed Singapore stone, Fort Canning Hill gold ornaments from the 14th century and the Singapore Living Galleries featuring photography, cuisine, fashion, film and other artifacts. The Singapore Living Galleries features many modern artists of Singapore.

Singapore  Museums.

Michael Filippone

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