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An Introduction to Volunteering in Singapore

  1. Michael Filippone
  2. Monday, November 26th, 2012

An Introduction to Volunteering in Singapore

credit: “Image Courtesy of the Singapore Tourism Board”

How to get involved in volunteering in Singapore

There are many places to volunteer your time and skills in Singapore. Volunteering is a great way to to meet people and integrate into your local community. Below is a list of the types of volunteer opportunities that exist in Singapore.



Work with Animals

With many people buying animals as gifts there is the consequence of many homeless animals. Hundreds of animals are released outside every year or simply abandoned. You can help one of the many organizations that provide care for these animals, such as the House Rabbit Society, the Cat Welfare Society, or Action for Singapore Dogs. For some of these organizations, you can also provide a foster home for the animal while it awaits adoption.

Youth Programs

You can volunteer with youth living in challenging situations as a mentor, coach, or camp counsellor. Many of the organizations also need administrative help. Children at Risk Empowerment Association(CARE Singapore) is a well known organization.


Do you love to spend time outdoors? Singapore’s is well known for its beautiful nature parks and gardens, which are heavily supported by volunteers. From helping with reforestation and trail restoration to designing educational activities or providing office support, support Singapore’s beautiful environment by becoming a volunteer for Singapore National Parks.

Persons with Special Needs

Organizations providing services to individuals with special needs are very dependent upon volunteer help in Singapore. One organization that might interest you is the Riding for the Disabled Association. They welcome volunteers who would like to lead horses and riders by walking along side of them. Or, consider giving your time to Movement for the Intellectually Disabled (MIND), an organization that specializes in bringing services to individuals with mental disabilities and helps them integrate into society. Volunteer your time as a classroom instructional volunteer, assist with an outing, or provide administrative or maintenance support. Volunteers also help maintain 4 thrift stores around the island, whose proceeds support the services that MINDS brings to the community.

Humanitarian Organizations

Are you talented at fundraising or performing? Have excellent office skills? Singapore Red Cross would not be able to function without the support of its volunteer base. Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army are also large-scale humanitarian organizations in Singapore searching for volunteers. You are welcome to help with existing activities, events or contribute a specialized skill that you have.


To volunteer in a hospital is a wonderful way to connect with people in the community and help people who are really in need. Check out the volunteer program at KK H Women and Children’s Hospital. Take time to sit with patients and talk to them or contribute your skills to a fundraising or other events at the hospital.

An Introduction to Volunteering in Singapore.

Michael Filippone

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