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Top jobs in Singapore

  1. Michael Filippone
  2. Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Top jobs in Singapore

Credit: Photo courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board

Top jobs in Singapore

Singapore’s booming economy has created an attractive job market for the past few decades. The government’s efforts are focused on raising the productivity and maintaining a low unemployment rate. As a result, most industries in Singapore are steadily growing, and the job market offers virtually unlimited opportunities, especially within the following sectors.

Marine and Offshore Engineering – Both technical and administrative positions are available. The job typically requires marine vessels building and maintenance. The individuals hired work closely with fleet managers and superintendents. Skilled technicians are highly sought after to ensure completion of all projects within the time specified in the contracts. Some jobs require global travel with unspecified time limits. Only applicants with degrees in Marine, Offshore or Mechanical Engineering are considered.

Banking and Finance – Strategic thinkers with exceptional communication skills will be able to find many positions available within this spectrum of Singapore’s job market. Analytically minded and prepared for challenges, finance experts are in high demand. These individuals will possess the ability to thrive under pressure and work extended number of hours. Excellent opportunities for advancement presently exist within banking and finance industry. Most applicants will be expected to have previous financial and management experience combined with a degree in Business, Mathematics or Economic Engineering.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities – The corruption-free economical arena of Singapore is particularly attractive to passionate and self-driven individuals with leadership skills. Regional industry of sales welcomes people who desire to develop their own business based on innovative products and services. The global expansion plans are widely available and encouraged. Those experienced in sales and marketing do exceptionally well in Singapore. Most new business owners start with selling to local merchants, and they are quickly able to enlarge their services internationally.

Teaching Opportunities – The explosion of economy in Singapore has created a great need for qualified teachers within all levels of educational spectrum. In order to attract international instructors, well designed and profitable opportunities have been developed. The jobs are mostly available within the private sector, and they depend greatly on the budget and specific terms of each school. However, the salaries are noted to be one of the highest in the world in comparison with other countries. Annual performance bonus is typically added in both government and private institutions. A comprehensive system for selecting and compensating teachers has been developed, and it resulted in creation of high-quality teacher workforce. All educators should be prepared to work with multicultural societies.

Singapore’s policymakers are focused on development and expansion of the economy and work opportunities. This once uneducated and poor region of the world is now thriving and gleaming with trade, business and financial prospects. All international applicants must hold a valid work permit to be considered for any of the job opportunities.

Top jobs in Singapore.

Michael Filippone

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