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Shopping by Neighborhood

  1. Michael Filippone
  2. Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Shopping by Neighborhood

Credit: Photo courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board

Singapore’s Best Shopping Neighborhoods

Singapore may be a small island in size, but it boasts one of the world’s most exceptional shopping scenes. From colorful markets to impressive malls to shop-laden streets, shoppers can discover amazing bargains, browse valuable antiques and purchase the latest in fashion, accessories and electronics. The best thing about shopping in Singapore is that no matter where you are, you will always be within close distance of a fabulous shopping experience due to the island’s abundance of vibrant shopping neighborhoods.

Orchard Road

By far, Orchard Road is one of Singapore’s most popular shopping scenes. If you only have time to go shopping in Singapore at once place, make it Orchard Road. Stretching more than a mile and a half in length, this mega outdoor mall interlinks boutiques, large department stores and malls all in one scenic, tree-lined atmosphere. With prices ranging from cheap to luxury, you can be sure to find a little of everything at Orchard Road whether it be fashion, electronics, books, international foods, household items, unique gifts and much more.

Little India

When you go shopping around in Little India, you will find yourself immersed the sensuous and exotic atmosphere of Indian culture. In addition to the tantalizing scents of traditional Indian foods, the blend of different languages and the sights of attractive temples, you will discover a great number of vendors hawking a wide range of wares from fresh vegetables and cooked dishes to vibrant Indian clothing, colorful jewelry, textiles, handicrafts, home decorations and much more. If you want to find a unique souvenir, Little India would be an ideal place to look.

Dempsey Road

When you meander about Dempsey Road, the lush scenery and old world charm atmosphere of the place will make you forget that you are shopping in Singapore. Historic buildings that were formerly British Army barracks now house thriving restaurants, bars and shops where you can buy the likes of fine arts, antiques, exquisite carpets and beautiful Asian home accessories.


As one of the largest Chinatown neighborhoods in the world, Singapore’s Chinatown is one of those places where you would enjoy getting lost. Amid the colorful array of buildings and temples of Chinese architecture, you will find a bustling blend of street vendors, markets and shopping centers where you can shop until you drop. Every stall and shop will surprise you with something new and delightful such as Chinese silk and medicinal herbs, trinkets, antiques, jewelry, fashion, textiles, electronics and souvenirs.

Holland Village

If you want to pamper yourself while shopping in Singapore, head over to Holland Village. Popular among expatriates, Holland Village offers a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere where you will find numerous shops selling the likes of arts and crafts, novelty items, gourmet goods, wines, organic foods, fine imports and tailor-made clothing as well as spas and body waxing specialists.

Shopping by Neighborhood.

Michael Filippone

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