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Dating in Singapore

  1. Michael Filippone
  2. Monday, October 15th, 2012

Dating in Singapore

Credit: Photo courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board

Dating in Singapore

More and more, American men are seeking relationships with foreign women in such places as Singapore, and many of these courtships lead to happy, successful marriages. Asian women are very intelligent, beautiful and feminine: plus, they are more submissive than most American women. They take great pride in personal grooming and tend to wear their hair long, like many men prefer. Some men find dating in Singapore to be much more desirable than dating women from their country, because they feel that Asian women tend to be more devoted, loving partners.


Asian Women Seek Men Abroad

Many Asian women are equally attracted to men abroad because of the career and educational opportunities available for them and their future children. They dream about moving to a better country, such as America, to live in and to raise a family in. Other Singapore women are simply looking for someone to chat with or to spend time with. There are several ways to go about dating in Singapore, including clubbing, online dating websites and Social events.

Singapore Club Dating

When the sun goes down on this amazing island, the clubs and bars come alive with people who enjoy the nightlife. Clarke Quay is full of impressive bars and the Singapore ladies love to hangout in them. These places are ideal for singles to meet other singles, and this is a list of a few of the favorite local hangouts at Clarke Quay.

Bar CoCoon – Singapore’s first ice bar presents a comfortable setting for relaxing and socializing

Borgata – the island’s Italian restobar by the river

LUNAR Asian Fusion Bar – is a high energy bar with a live band

Zirca – is home to the island’s top DJs and is one of the most prevalent dance clubs in Singapore

Bar Opiume at Empress Palace – Asia’s first-ever outdoor prosecco and vodka bar is a popular social place for singles

Online Singapore Dating

Online Dating Websites are an excellent way to meet women in Singapore. There are numerous international dating sites that are free or charge monthly fees. These websites allow you to make your own profile, view other profiles, and massage or chat online with other members. Some popular dating websites with Singapore members include the Asian, and

Local Dating in Singapore

Singapore social events are an ideal way to meet potential dates. These social mixers offer a casual, relaxed atmosphere to chat with people of the opposite sex. They are a perfect places to search for an ideal match, because they allow you to meet and converse with many people at one time: furthermore, you get to see their physical aspects in person. Remember to be polite, dress in nice casual clothes and mingle throughout the room. There are many varieties of these social events, including Lifestyler in Singapore, Singapore Food and Wine Society and F2 – Where Friendship Begins at Meetup.

Dating in Singapore.

Michael Filippone

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