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Managing Partner

Michael has traveled throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia. Each year he travels several hundred thousand miles. He regularly visits Singapore for business and has a great love of the Orient. His favorite things are morning runs in big cities and getting lost. He has a great passion for all things that are water-sport related: paddle surfing, surfing, free diving, fishing, rowing... Here you will find his musings on everything from where to go get lost on a jungle adventure to a road-trip in Thailand to a romantic cruise weaving through the Indonesian archipelago. Here too are hand-selected articles penned for him by writers he likes on the best places to go from Singapore. As well as being one of the key drivers behind setting up, he runs and part-owns - a travel site on all things happening in the wider region. Michael is known to be fond of skipping rope and other than the odd beer, his preferred beverage is coconut water. He loves to fish and play volleyball with his children. He trained as an Olympic rower and loves to see his children find their way in sports and life.



Gary is a President of World Media Group where he oversees the development of World's premium branded domain properties. Since joining World in 2007, Millin has worked closely with top management teams to bring to market leading businesses at,,,,, and, in addition to Together World affiliated companies receive 20 million visitors a month. Before World Media Group, Millin was President of MediaSentry Inc. where he built the company from 4 to 60 people and orchestrated a sale to SafeNet ("NASDAQ:SFNT") in 2005. MediaSentry technology and services helped record labels and movie studios reduce the impact of online piracy and paved the way for distribution of digital content via secure legitimate online channels. Before MediaSentry, Millin co-founded in 1995 which he took public as President alongside Gorman in 1999 ("NASDAQ:MAIL"). pioneered many consumer and business messaging services and grew to a $1 billion company with 20 million subscribers and 1,400 employees. Before, Millin worked for Consumer Venture Partners, a leading Connecticut based provider of capital to promising consumer brands. Funded companies included Samuel Adams and Gymboree. Millin was a Baker Scholar at Harvard Business School, where he received his MBA and holds a BS degree in Economics with honors from the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania. Gary was born in South Africa and enjoys travel and time with the family. Before having kids he was a bit of dare devil and enjoyed sky diving, bungee jumping and shark diving.



Gerald Gerry Founded World Media Group, the parent of Before, World Media Group, Gorman was Chairman and CEO of which he founded with Gary Millin in 1995. By 2000, was a billion dollar NASDAQ listed company with 1,400 employees around the world. Prior to founding, Gorman was a Managing Director in the investment banking division of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (now CSFB). He headed Wall Street's largest Satellite Financing Group and completed pioneering transactions for satellite industry leaders including Dish Network, PanAmSat, and AsiaSat. Gorman graduated from Melbourne University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and from Columbia University with an MBA. Gerry is a proud father of three, a fan of Australian rules football and an occasional computer programmer (much to the amusement of our tech team).


Technical Adviser

 If you tried to read every document on the web, then for each day's effort you  would be a year further behind in your goal. - anonymous

Since 2000, Maida has been working remotely on the web for international companies in the telecom and online marketing industries in which she has honed her skills on social marketing, internet technology and telecom advancement using p2p software. From 2006 onwards, she has been doing top level domain web development for Ecorp, a virtual Domain Development Incubator and web project management from ground up, assisting in top level decision making on various parts of domain value optimization, and domain community development and integration within Ecorp's vast portfolio and gained a most distinguished award and recognition from the domain community as 2010's Pitchfest' Best Domain Monetization platform, of course, with the help of her equally skilled and committed team of 14 located in the Philippines. In 2010, she met Michael Filippone of World Media Group and instantly fell in love on anything travel-related. She now leads technical team in the Philippines and develops infrastructure for high-level travel sites such as and among others.


Data & Server Technician

 There might be new technology, but technological progress itself was nothing new  and over the years it had not destroyed jobs, but created them. - M.T.

Roy works as's Data and Server Guy.



 Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.                - Psalms 37:4.

Ronan created the core of


SEM & Social Media Content Manager

 I am athletic. I surf the net 

Martie's job is to make everyone happy in the office. She likes to finish her tasks fast. She is grateful to be part of a team that really understands and appreciates her for what she is because "normal" life and people can be challenging! She is grateful to be surrounded by intelligent and talented co-workers, family and friends who push her to grow and learn. She always strives to keep her standards, and her heels, high. She frequently bursts out in song even in the midst of crisis (especially in a crisis, actually).She is totally devoted to her only daughter, Margaux. She loves to be a mom. She is a also a frustrated chef wanna-be. She wishes to have super powers like super "Slow-mo"


Content Manager

 All things are possible. 

Lucille manages and controls the content.


Graphic Artist

 For harmony, or balance, contrast is needed; light and shade; continuity and  discontinuity, concavity and convexity, etc. - A.G.

Marvin works as the Graphic genius of


CSS Designer

 All things work together for good. 

Andre, the frontend CSS guy for


The Slicer :)

 Great things start from small beginnings. 

Slices the graphics from psd to css.
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