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  • Singapore Facts
    Learn about Singapore's basic info - economics, history, tourism, arts, culture. Find out the basics here.
  • Singapore Hotels
    Hotel and hostel reviews and comparisons to fit every budget and taste.
  • Singapore Tourism
    Great maps and helpful travel tips breaking down what's to be seen and where to be seen on the island.
  • Singapore Travel
    A directory of sites that covers Singapore information, hotels, tourism, shopping, food, entertainment, community, tours and transportation.
  • Singapore Food
    Categorized Singapore restaurants, restaurants guide searchable by area, price range and features.Information and guides on Singapore food, includes hawker centers, buffets, and a lot more.
  • Singapore Shopping
    Shopping in Singapore: location, reviews, neighborhoods, boutiques, where to get great shopping ideas and deals.
  • Singapore Transportation
    How to get around Singapore - tips and insights from locals.

Singapore Facts

  • Arts and Culture presents Singapore's arts and cultural scene that is shown in a diverse and vibrant way with tremendous information on Singapore scenery and literature.
  • Business Links
    Providing comprehensive listings of office space and helping you to get the best deal in business meeting venues in Singapore.
  • Classified in Singapore
    Browse our local classified jobs, housing for sale, Singapore guide for local restaurants, bars, travel listings,and events.
  • Education and Training
    Education and Traning jobs in Singapore. Information on the institutions, administration,universities and library services
  • Exhibitions and Trade Shows
    Find information on Singapore fairs and exhibitions, trade shows and trade fairs.
  • Foreign Embassies
    Information list on the Embassies and consulates of foreign countries.
  • General Information
    A wealth of Information on Singapore covering the land, climate, weather, the people(population,religion, language), Singapore's history, travel information, culture, politics and the economy.
  • Government Agencies
    Singapore's official website portal for oraganisation of the government of Singapore, government agencies, governament directory, and departments.
  • Health, Families and Schools
    Includes healthcare services, medical service directory, Cosmetics,Endodontics, Implant, Orthodontics, Preventive and Pediatric and more
  • Jobs
    Find your ideal job in Singapore.Job vacancies on top job listing sites.
  • Money
    Know the current exchange rates, currency converter, Singaporean dollar, money, Singapore bank information.
  • Singapore Weather and Time
    Singapore climate information, weather and time.
  • Visa, Entry and Exit
    Going to Singapore?Know the basic entry requirements, Visa and customs information.

Singapore Food

  • Cafes and Teahouse
    Coffee shops, Chinese, Western, Malay tea houses in Singapore.
  • Foreign Food Restaurants
    Read reviews and brief intros on local restaurants in Singapore.
  • General Information
    Singapore food is always an eye opener for first timers. Find foodies in Singapore who share your taste for all things.
  • Hotpot
    Find contacts and addresses of Chinese hot pot and hot pot buffets in Singapore. Such hot pots are a big hit with locals when the "winter' comes.
  • Regional Cuisine
    Singapore provides the best of multi-cultural cuisine.Know the top regional dishes to try in Singapore.
  • Singapore Cuisine Restaurants
    Singapore is a place where East meets West. And the love of food and variety of food reflects that rich cultural heritage.
  • Singapore Snacks
    Snacks Singaporean style. A breakdown of the options.
  • Vegetarian
    Where to go for vegetarian, organic restaurants and health food supplements and stores.

Singapore Hotels

  • Budget Hotels
    List of comfortable but affordable hotels and resorts.
  • Courtyard Hotels
    Discover the ambiance and tranquility of the hotels with courtyards in Singapore.
  • General Information
    Select the best hotels suited to your tastes. Learn how to get discounts and great rates. Save money and book your Singapore accommodation.
  • Homestay
    Find short term rental, homestay, budget and guest houses for students, first timers, and professionals.
  • Hostels
    All the hostels in Singapore with contact details and basic info.
  • Housing and Rental Singapore
    Listings of housing and rental options. All budgets covered.
  • Luxury Hotels
    List of Luxury Hotels in Singapore.
  • Resorts
    An overview of resorts in Singapore and close to Singapore.
  • Serviced Apartments
    We provide a large selection of short term apartment rentals and business centers in the city. Instant pricing and availability.

Singapore Shopping

  • Bugis Village
    Bugis Village is one of the most visited places in Singapore for fashion affecionados. Bugis Street is home to a wide variety of shops and stores. Arts and Handicrafts is one of its strengths.
  • Department Stores and Malls
    List of Department stores and Malls in Singapore.
  • General Information
    World class shopping malls, iconic shopping districts - Singapore has built itself up to be one of the best shopping centers on the planet.
  • Geylang Serai Wet Market
    Geylang Serai is a distinctly Malaysian neighborhood of Singapore.
  • Marina Bay
    Marina Bay is home to over 300 stores - Tiffany & Co, Bally, Bottega Veneta, Bulgari, Burberry, Cartier, Christian Dior, Fendi, Ferragamo, Franck Muller, Gucci, HugoBoss, Max Mara, Miu Miu, Omega, Patek Philippe, Prada, Ralph Lauren...Located in the Central Business District. of Singapore.
  • Mustafa Centre
    Set in the heart of Little India it's one of the best places to find budget items.
  • Orchard Road
    Orchard Road is also one of the major tourist Attractions in Singapore. It's a mecca for shoppers from all over the world.
  • Shopping for Kids
    Shopping Malls with fun stuff for kids - playgrounds, free stuff to do etc.
  • Zhujiao Centre
    Zhujiao Centre is located along Bukit Timah Road, Buffalo Road and Race Course Road. It consists of a wet and food market. Bang in the middle of it is the Zhujiao Centre (Tekka Market).

Singapore Tourism

Singapore Transportation

  • Airlines
    List of Airlines and Airline agents serving Singapore.
  • Bike
    Look for the best biking trails and routes. Bike tours.
  • Boat
    A listing of Boat and Cruise Trip
  • Flight
    Compare companies and prices for in-bound and outbound flights to Singapore.
  • General Information
    Detailed information on how to get around Singapore.
  • Public Bus
    Buses in Singapore are very good and they are least expensive way to get around the city. Bus arrival times, services and route details.
  • Rickshaw
    Rickshaws were the hand-drawn taxi-cabs of early Singapore. They came to Singapore in 1880 from Japan. They were once a major form of public transport. Now they are available as bicycle rickshaws for tourists wanting to take in the city at a slower pace.
  • Subway and Light Rail
    Subway information, subway map and subway tours in Singapore.
  • Taxi
    Everything you need to know about Taxis in Singapore.
  • Train
    Information on train schedules, stations, tickets and even photos.
  • Walking
    Singapore walking tour itineraries and tour company lists.

Singapore Travel

  • Airport Transfer
    Singapore Airport Transfer Service takes you to your hotel, your cruise, downtown etc.
  • Custom Tour
    A list of Singapore's Private and Customized Tours.
  • Singapore Bus Tour
    Singapore Open Top Bus Tours, Maps, and Schedules.
  • Singapore Day Tour
    An exclusive guide to Singapore Sentosa Island. Afternoon Trips, Sightseeing Day tours, Sightseeing Pass, Day trips.
  • Singapore Guide
    List of sites containing information on transportation, hotels, tourism, shopping, food, entertainment and tours in Singapore.
  • Singapore Night Tour
    Singapore's Night Tour options- Singapore Flyer, Night Safari, Zoo City
  • Singapore Tour Package
    Look here for a rewarding educational tour that covers museums and cultural sites while staying in a cozy and comfortable hotel.
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